Global Student Teaching

Global Student Teaching

Global Student Teaching


Empower Your Teaching Journey Worldwide 

At Educators Abroad, we believe in expanding horizons and fostering cultural exchange through our Global Student Teaching (GST) program. Whether you’re a student seeking an international experience or a university looking to offer unparalleled pedagogical opportunities, our programs cater to your needs. 

Global Student Teaching Program Overview 

Our Global Student Teaching (GST) program is designed to offer transformative experiences for preK-12 teacher education students. Through immersive placements in accredited international schools worldwide and schools across the United States, participants gain invaluable insights, develop professional skills, and broaden their cultural awareness. 

For Students 


The Global Student Teaching program provides a unique opportunity for preK-12 teacher education students to complete their final school-based teaching requirements (8-18 weeks) in a diverse cultural setting. 


  • Broaden perspectives on education and life. 
  • Enhance ability to educate diverse student populations. 
  • Access employment opportunities in international and multicultural schools. 

Placements are available in accredited international schools across Europe, Central and South America, Africa, India, the South Pacific, New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia, and throughout the United States. 

Placements are offered throughout the year, accommodating various academic calendars, with peak periods from January to June and August to December.

While there is a financial investment, the value lies in the personal and professional growth gained. Program costs vary based on duration and location: $4,600 for an 8-12 week placement, $6,400 for a 13-18 week placement and $3,500 for a domestic placement. Some universities provide assistance in using student financial aid to assist in payments. 


Prospective participants engage with their university placement and international education offices and follow our structured process, guided by our experienced team, to embark on their global teaching journey. 


For Universities 


Educators Abroad partners with over 140 universities to offer school-based professional development experiences for teacher education students. Our programs align with Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) standards for North American participants and Qualified Teacher Status criteria for UK participants. 

Why Partner with Us? 

  • Expand your students’ perspectives on the teaching profession.
  • Provide opportunities for international experience and cultural immersion.
  • Enhance employability and professional development prospects.
  • Access a network of accredited international schools and foster intercultural exchanges.
  • Benefit from our expertise in placement, support, and assessment processes. 

How We Work with Universities

  • Collaboratively create draft agreements (MOUs) to meet university requirements.
  • Tailor placements to the needs and interests of participants.
  • Provide comprehensive support throughout the placement process.
  • Ensure alignment with certification/licensure requirements. 



Contact us today to learn more about our Global Student Teaching (GST) program and how we can collaborate to prepare the next generation of globally conscious educators.

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