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About Us

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Educators are members of a global profession educating the world’s children, but this reality is neither recognized nor acted upon by the majority of educators and educational policy makers. As a result, educators are less effective and students poorly prepared for life in an interdependent world. One strategy, to assure educational policy and practice is changed so students are better prepared for their future, is to cause educators and education policy makers to interact with peers and colleagues in other societies. Through these interactions participants recognize that teaching and teacher education are global professions through understanding the:
  • Worldwide commonality of educational issues and proposed solutions,
  • Value of learning from colleagues in all cultural contexts to inform practice, and
  • Necessity to act on the profession’s obligation to ensure all children have access to educational opportunity.

EducatorsAbroad Ltd.

EducatorsAbroad (EA) provides an infrastructure through which interaction among educators in different cultural settings is nurtured so that a global perspective is integrated into educational policy and practice. EA faculty (a global network of professional educators) work together to foster cross-cultural understanding and develop the professional abilities of educators. They achieve this goal through close working relationships with accredited universities and host schools worldwide and active participation in international education organizations such as the International Society for Teacher Education (ISTE) and International Council on Education for Teaching (ICET). EA faculty started by directing the Moorhead State University, Minnesota Student Teaching Abroad (STA) program (1987-1988) and in 1989 began the Pacific Region Student Teaching (PRST) program that became Global Student Teaching (GST) of the University of Minnesota, Morris Office of Continuing Education (UMM). In 2005 UMM transferred responsibility for management and operation of GST to EA and in 2008 chose to again direct the GST program in-house. Throughout this time, and now as an independent provider of worldwide teaching internships and educational programs, EA faculty have served participants from colleges and universities through placements in schools in countries. Currently we build on our 20+ year experience to serve participants through a continually expanding global network of professional educators and updated policies and procedures. It is as a result of the commitment of exceptional educators who live and work in many countries that EA programs are globally respected and effective in fostering the personal and professional development of educators and in stimulating action that improves education at local, regional, and international levels.


We invite you to join us as we continue to improve current offerings and develop new initiatives through which pre and in-service educators can increase their understanding of our global profession and help ensure all young people have opportunity for an enriching education.