Assessment Only Qualified Teacher Status (AOQTS)

Assessment Only Qualified Teacher Status (AOQTS)

What is AOQTS?

AOQTS offers experienced teachers the opportunity to earn Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) through an assessment only portfolio development process enabling them to teach in state-maintained and special schools in England and Wales; under the regulations on equivalence of qualifications, across the European Union; and in independent and government schools in other geographic locations depending on school policies concerning acceptable qualifications of educators.

AOQTS is for individuals who:

Seek to be qualified to teach in any school that accepts a UK teaching qualification. Hold a bachelor’s university degree.
Have and/or can meet all prerequisite and programme requirements. Demonstrate the highest expectations of educators responsible for the education of young people and membership in the global teaching profession. Want to become a recognised professional educator with opportunities for employment worldwide.


The primary focus of the AOQTS process is on the QTS characteristics of effective educators, and ability of candidates to model them in their teaching.

Candidates use the eight QTS standards associated with teaching and the standard of personal and professional conduct outlined in Teachers’ Standards in England from September 2012 as the basis for demonstrating their abilities to:

  • Set high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge pupils
  • Promote good progress and outcomes by pupils
  • Demonstrate good subject and curriculum knowledge
  • Plan and teach well structured lessons
  • Adapt behaviour effectively to ensure a good and safe learning environment
  • Fulfill wider professional responsibilities

Teachers are also ‘expected to demonstrate consistently high standards of personal and professional conduct’.

Summary of AOQTS Requirements

Entry Criteria

  • Teaching age 3 – 11: English, Mathematics, Science (GCSE Level 4 or equivalency)
  • Teaching all other ages: English, Mathematics
  • Hold a bachelor’s university degree
  • Completed rigorous selection processes: a) EA interview/validation prior to admission to the EA support programme (suitability to teach, personal qualities of a teacher, completion of prerequisites, portfolio development plan); b) University interview/validation after submission of the portfolio for assessment (suitability to teach, achievements as a teacher, review of mentor observations); c) Have taught in at least two schools
  • Important Note: If you have any doubt about your eligibility to meet the entry criteria, please contact us at

Assessment Criteria

  • Demonstrated meeting all QTS standards
  • Demonstrated meeting QTS standards across two or more consecutive age ranges
  • Received positive assessment of practical teaching


EducatorsAbroad fully supports the teaching profession. To encourage talented educators to remain in the profession in the midst of a global teacher shortage and to further develop their careers, EducatorsAbroad is offering a reduced cost for the AOQTS programme.

The EA charge for this AOQTS programme is UK GBP £3,600 or USD $4,500 for prospective candidates who have been admitted to the programme and paid the initial fee by the 30th September 2024. This fee covers:

A) Personalised EA portfolio development support through two school terms (up to three school terms through special arrangements).

B) Preparation for the final assessment that is provided by an EA partner institution.

C) Fees for the assessment process that includes admission to the partner AO programme, their online procedures for portfolio review and assessment, and recommendation for QTS if the candidate is successful.

On admission to the programme, AO candidates will receive an invoice for the UK GBP £3,600 or USD $4,500 programme fee that can be made in one payment, or two instalments as follows:

  1. UK GBP £2,000 or USD $2,500 following review of the application and admission to the EA portfolio development support process.
  2. UK GBP £1,600 or USD $2,000 prior to admission to the EA partner online assessment process that follows submission of all required documents, payment of the programme fee, and determination by an EA supervisor that a portfolio is complete and ready for assessment. Assessments are normally scheduled within six weeks after all materials are submitted.

Candidates are responsible for all other expenses including those associated with:

  • Providing proof of qualifications
  • Completion of all prerequisite and programme requirements
  • Data gathering and submission of portfolio materials
  • Cost for travel and accommodation when a placement to fulfil the second school requirement is required
  • Charges for extra support by EA colleagues or assessors if required


  • Payments are non-refundable.
  • The EA charge for this AOQTS programme is subject to change for new candidates.


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