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In Case of Emergency

EducatorsAbroad Ltd. (EA) colleagues care about the welfare of all individuals involved in our school placement programs (Practicum, Student Teaching, Teachers, Go Abroad).

We recognize that all participants in these programs are adults personally responsible for their own welfare and decisions they make. But, we also know that events can occur at any point in life when the support and assistance of others is needed.

While it is not possible to predict all problems that may arise as we participate in EA programs, all involved (participants, host school faculty, EA colleagues) need to be ready to respond to the unexpected as professionals and as individuals concerned about the welfare of others.

Whether it is a concern of the host school or country, teachers or administrators, participant, or EA colleague, our goal is to assure that the best possible decisions are made and that action is taken in response to the needs of each individual under the circumstances that prevail.

In preparation for such circumstances the following guidelines are presented.

Decisions, in Case of Emergency
Sharing of Information
Issues That May Arise
Contacts in Case of Concern or Emergency

Decisions, in Case of Emergency

The first response to an emergency situation or concern is in the hands of the individuals closest to the situation - usually the participant, teachers, and administrators in the host school - recognizing that decisions are best made by the individuals closest to the situation where circumstances and options are best known.

Initial steps involve identifying the seriousness of the situation, determining decisions to be made and who is responsible for those decisions, and taking appropriate action given existing circumstances. Where necessary, services of the appropriate non-governmental or governmental agency should be sought.

Decisions are made by individuals in this order with each assisting the other in seeking to make the best possible decisions under the circumstances:

  • Participant directly involved in the emergency situation.
  • Host school (administration and/or cooperating teacher).
  • Faculty member assigned to supervise student/participant work.
  • Faculty member serving as host country coordinator and/or placement director.
  • Program Associate Director/Manager/Coordinator - Paula Richardson.
  • Program Director - Craig Kissock.

Sharing of Information

Sharing of information is on a ‘need and right to know’ basis. It is important that only those who need and have the right to know are informed in a timely and regular manner as circumstances allow.

  • At no time will individuals associated with the program communicate with the media about cases of concern or emergency.
  • Being informed does not presume the need to take action.

At the same time, it is important that EA colleagues be made aware of emergency situations. The assigned EA Supervisor should be contacted immediately – or as soon as feasible – so they are informed and can offer assistance. This individual will report to associated EA colleagues and together we will assist as best we can to assure the well being of all participants.

If the EA supervisor is not available, contact the EA Support Specialist, assigned Program Director, or EA Director at any time in case of an emergency.

Issues That May Arise

Issues that may arise at the time and given the situation (that may or may not be decided by the participant) include among others:

  • Need to involve police and/or immigration authorities.
  • Participant privacy such as whether to notify parents or relatives.

Contacts in Case of Concern or Emergency

Information for contacting EA colleagues assigned to the participant (placement and supervision) and the host school is available on each participant's www site at EducatorsAbroad.click on 'sign in'. Use your participant's username and password to access contact details.

Click here for EducatorsAbroad contact information.

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