Global Student Teaching: Student

Global Student Teaching: Student

For whom?

  • PreK-12 teacher education students completing their final school-based teaching requirements prior to being recommended for certification or licensure.
  • PreK-12 teacher education students who want to develop and demonstrate their teaching abilities while increasing their cultural awareness by completing student teaching requirements in a cultural setting different from their own.


A ten (10) to eighteen (18) week school-based experience through which participants:

  • Apply knowledge and skills acquired in teacher education coursework and school-based teaching experiences.
  • Explore and apply multiple perspectives to the teaching and learning process.
  • Develop professional skills and abilities in all roles expected of teachers in schools.
  • Demonstrate competence in the full range of teaching functions as defined in relevant teaching standards.
  • Demonstrate professional and ethical behavior.
  • Engage in reflective practice to evaluate current abilities and opportunities for growth as a teacher


Student teaching in a cultural setting different from one’s own:

  • Broadens one’s perspective on life, education, educational policy, and the teaching/learning process.
  • Increases the ability of educators to effectively educate students of different cultural backgrounds and to prepare them for our global community.
  • Provides opportunities to demonstrate readiness to enter the global profession of teaching.
  • Provides access to employment in a network of international schools worldwide and in multicultural schools in the student teacher’s home region.


  • Global Student Teaching school-based placements are available at a variety of accredited international schools in Europe, Central and South America, South Africa, India, the South Pacific, New Zealand, Australia and Southeast Asia.
  • Placements are also available throughout the United States.


Placements are available throughout the calendar year.

  • Most placements occur from January – June or August – December depending upon the part of the world and country.
  • Determining the specific location and start/end dates of each placement is based on matching participant interest, school availability and calendar, required content area, university required length of placement experience and country visa restrictions.
  • Participants may need to adjust the dates and location for their placement as they work with their EA Placement Director to create an optimal opportunity through which to develop and demonstrate their abilities as professional educators.


While there is a financial expense for this experience, its value must be considered in terms of the personal and professional growth it provides and the unique preparation for entry into a career in the global profession of teaching.

The total GST Program Cost for international placements:

  • Eight through twelve-week placement: $4,600. (Fits within the 90-day visa limit on staying in most countries.)
  • Thirteen through eighteen-week placement: $6,400. (May require placements in two countries depending upon country visa requirements.)
  • Each placement includes liability, emergency evacuation and health insurance provided by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI).

The total Program Cost for placements in the USA is:

  •  Eight to eighteen week domestic placement: $3,500.

Payment of Program Cost is made in two parts:

  • A Placement Fee of $800 upon submission of the full application.
  • The remaining balance of the Program Cost paid prior to departure.

GST participants pay for:

  • GST Program Cost (depending on arrangements with each university, the placement/program fees are made by the participant and/or their university).
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Travel
  • Meals and accommodation (This cost is based on your destination. Please consult with your school liaison or placement coordinator for more information.)
  • Personal expenses.

Refunds: If EA is unable to arrange a placement, the Placement Fee is refunded. There is no refund of either the Placement Fee or the Program Cost once a placement has been made.

Note. The GST Program Cost may be adjusted on the first of August each year.


Prospective participant:

  • Determines whether to proceed following review of requirements and expectations outlined on Global Student Teaching www pages.
  • Completes the Global Student Teaching application form and submits it to their university student teaching placement office for approval and forwarding to EA.

Upon Entry

  • Participant registers for the appropriate course at their university.
  • EA faculty assume responsibility for all administrative aspects of the student teaching process from placement through supervision, assessment, and reporting using EA procedures.
  • Placement Coordinator and host school consider whether they have the ability to provide support that will fulfill requirements of the student teacher’s university (duration, subjects, and age/grade levels).
  • Participant communicates with the EA Placement Coordinator and/or host school to arrange for accommodation, plan their teaching schedule, and arrange for arrival in the host community.
  • During placement, EA Supervisor visits participant in the school or virtually, to observe, offer professional guidance and feedback, and provide written assessments of teaching performance.
  • Mentor teacher(s) prepare at least three formal written reports based upon observations.

Upon Completion

  • Mentor teacher(s) and EA Supervisor complete summative evaluation reports. All evaluation reports are available to the participant and university faculty on the participant’s interactive webpage.
  • Participant completes final summative self-evaluation report Participant is sent an EA program survey.


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