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School Based Educator Professional Development

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  • Pre-service teacher education students completing final school based teaching requirements prior to being recommended for certification or licensure as a pre-primary, middle and/or secondary school teacher.
  • Students enrolled in teacher education institutions worldwide who are fluent in English (participants from Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Norway, Russia, Scotland, South Korea, and the USA have completed the EAST program).
  • Prospective educators who want to develop and demonstrate their teaching abilities, while increasing their cultural awareness, by completing student teaching requirements in a cultural setting different from their own.


A rigorously assessed 10 to 18-week school based experience through which participants:

  • Apply knowledge and skills acquired in teacher education coursework and school based teaching experiences.
  • Demonstrate attitudes consistent with good teaching.
  • Explore and apply multiple principles of learning and multiple teaching strategies.
  • Accept responsibility for, and demonstrate ability to fill, all roles expected of teachers in schools concluding with assuming responsibility for teaching.
  • Develop entry level competence in the full range of teaching functions as defined in relevant teaching standards.
  • Demonstrate awareness, and apply principles, of professional and ethical behavior.
  • Assess, along with university and school personnel, their present competence and potential for growth as a teacher.


Student teaching in a cultural setting different from one's own:

  • Broadens one's perspective on life, education, educational policy, and the teaching/learning process.
  • Increases the ability of educators to effectively educate students of different cultural backgrounds and to prepare them for the global community they will live in.
  • Provides opportunity to:
    • Demonstrate readiness to enter the global profession of teaching.
    • Be shortlisted for employment in over 8,000 English medium international schools worldwide, in government schools in several countries, and in multicultural schools in the student teacher’s home region.


EAST school based placements have been made in 73 countries across all continents. Placements are also arranged within an applicant’s home country to provide experience in other cultural settings and/or accommodate personal circumstances.


Placements are available throughout the calendar year.

  • Placements in the Northern hemisphere are during the August/September to June/July school year and in the Southern hemisphere during the February/March to December school year.
  • Determination of specific dates is based on matching participant interest/availability with the host school calendar.


While the cost of this experience can be measured in money, its value must be considered in terms of personal and professional growth and in preparing oneself for entry into a career as educator in the global profession of teaching.

  • The program cost is offset against university tuition charges for the same course/experience based on arrangements between EA and each partner institution. Total cost is:
    • Ten or eleven-week placement: $3,750.
    • Twelve through fourteen-week placement: $4,450. (Fits within visa limitations for most countries.)
    • Fifteen through seventeen-week placement: $5,450.
    • Eighteen-week placement: $6,600.
  • Payment of the program cost is made in two parts:
    • A placement fee of $500 upon submission of the full application as a deposit against the program cost.
    • The balance of the program cost which is paid prior to departure.

Financial considerations

  • A minimum of ten weeks is desired. In some cases, given school holidays, the placement in the host country may be two to three weeks longer to fulfill the required assignment.
  • For international placements the program cost includes liability, emergency evacuation, and health insurance provided by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) for the duration of the placement.
  • EAST participant costs include:
    • EA program cost (depending on arrangements with each university, the placement/program fees are made by the participant or their university).
    • Arranging and paying for passport, visa, and travel to and from the host school.
    • Meals and accommodation (arranged in cooperation with the host school).
    • Personal expenses.
  • Total cost (not including sightseeing and personal expenses) can be less, but is approximately $700 to $1,500 more than student teaching near home depending on cost of airfare and accommodation.
  • Refunds: If EA is unable to arrange a placement, the placement fee is refunded. There is no refund of either the placement or program fee once a placement has been made.
  • The cost for participating in EAST may be adjusted on the first of August each year (the cost has not changed for several years).


Prior to Enrolling

Prospective participant:

  • Determines whether to proceed following review of requirements and expectations outlined on EAST www pages.
  • Completes the EAST application form, including required materials, and submits it to their university student teaching placement office for approval and forwarding to EA.
Upon Entry
  • EA faculty assume responsibility for all aspects of the student teaching process from placement through supervision, assessment, and reporting using EA procedures.
  • Participant’s application is sent to a prospective host school to consider whether they have the ability to provide support that will fulfill requirements of the student teacher's university (duration, subjects, and age/grade levels).
  • When accepted by a school, EAST participant communicates directly with the school to arrange accommodation, plan their work, and arrange for their arrival in the host community.
  • Participant registers for the appropriate course at their university. Alternative arrangements are available, at additional cost, through an EA partnership with a highly respected university.
  • Participant receives information and support they need to assure they will have a successful learning and living experience during their placement. This includes EA faculty visit(s) to the school to observe, offer professional guidance, and provide written assessments of performance.
  • Mentor teacher(s) prepare at least three formal written reports of observations and an interim report of the student teacher.
Upon Completion
  • Mentor teacher(s) and EA faculty complete summative reports which are shared with the participant and his/her university.
  • Participate in the EAST Community association.
  • Support when applying for employment in international schools.

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