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School Based Educator Professional Development

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For Whom?

Individuals who:

  • Seek a license to teach in any school that accepts a USA teaching license.
  • Hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in Wisconsin, USA or an equivalent degree from another institution.
  • Express interest in continuing, or seeking, employment in a school in Wisconsin.
  • Have not completed an educator preparation program recognized for state of Wisconsin, USA licensure.
  • Are teaching in an English medium pre-primary, primary, or secondary school.
  • Will have completed three years of teaching experience in PK-12, postsecondary, and/or industry.
  • May be a private school educator, an educator who has completed an alternative route preparation program outside of Wisconsin, or an educator who has received licensure directly through a state agency via a certificate program or equivalency process in another state.
  • Have and/or can meet all prerequisite and program requirements.
  • Demonstrate the highest expectations of educators responsible for the education of young people and membership in the global teaching profession.

Priority will be given to applicants who are unlicensed teachers employed in schools in the state of Wisconsin


Earn a Wisconsin state teaching license, in one of seventeen teaching subjects {{showLicenses?'(hide)':'(show)'}}, through satisfactory completion of the EducatorsAbroad Assessment Based Licensure for Educators program (EAABLE).

EAABLE is a Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) approved school based portfolio development support and standards/performance based assessment process using the Wisconsin License Based on Equivalence Pathway (LBE).

As an organization, EducatorsAbroad is committed to promoting teaching as a global profession. As a result, EAABLE candidates are expected to work effectively with students of different backgrounds, integrate experience and perspectives from instructional settings in other cultural contexts, and demonstrate ability to meet the unique needs of all students.

The primary focus of the EAABLE process is on the InTASC characteristics of effective educators and ability of candidates to model them in their teaching. Proficient performance in the knowledge, skills, and dispositions under each of the following InTASC categories is required:

  1. Learner Development.
  2. Learning Differences.
  3. Learning Environments.
  4. Content Knowledge.
  5. Innovative Applications of Content.
  6. Assessment.
  7. Planning for Instruction.
  8. Instructional strategies.
  9. Reflection and Continuous Growth.
  10. Collaboration.

The EAABLE program is tailored to the needs and circumstances of each candidate. Through this school based and individualized approach, each candidate's unique talents and circumstances are considered and a mentoring process implemented to help assure that licensure is achieved.

Summary of EAABLE Requirements

Entry Criteria
  • Hold a bachelor's university degree equivalent to a bachelor's degree from an accredited Wisconsin, USA college or university and, if seeking secondary school licensure, evidence of a degree major or equivalent in the chosen teaching subject.
  • Complete and submit the EAABLE application form, application fee, and initial materials (e.g. proof of bachelor’s degree).
  • Complete prerequisite clearance by obtaining passing scores on each required test and recording them on your EAABLE application:
Assessment Criteria


To help assure all students in Wisconsin and English medium schools worldwide have teachers who demonstrate expectations of effective educators, at an appropriate level for their experience, as defined in the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) InTASC criteria.

Become a recognized professional educator with opportunities for employment worldwide.


The EAABLE program is brought to each candidate in their school and integrated into their teaching responsibilities. Candidates are visited on site by an EA supervisor and/or assessor.


The EA charge for the EAABLE program is $6,500.00 for unlicensed teachers employed in Wisconsin schools or $8,000.00 for teachers employed in schools outside of Wisconsin. This fee covers:

  • Review of qualifications and interview to assure candidates have met/can meet prerequisites and have the potential to successfully gain the teaching license they seek.
  • Guidance for testing and portfolio development tasks over one academic year (up to two years by special arrangement) including an on-site professional development school visit by the assigned EA supervisor or other EA faculty member where feasible.
  • Access to mentor, print, and video resources in support of portfolio development.
  • Comprehensive assessment of all evidence by a subject specialist including on-line discussion with the candidate, or where possible, on-site observation/discussion.
  • Recommendation for Wisconsin licensure for successful candidates.

For applicants employed in Wisconsin, payment of the $6,500.00 fee is made in four instalments:

  • $650.00 when the EAABLE clearance/application form and initial materials (e.g. proof of bachelor’s degree) are submitted.
  • $1,950.00 following review of the application and admission to the EAABLE program.
  • $1,950.00 on receipt of a progress report from the EA supervisor (normally provided at the mid-point of portfolio development).
  • $1,950.00 when the portfolio is ready for assessment.

For applicants outside of Wisconsin, payment of the $8,000.00 fee is made in four instalments:

  • $650.00 when the EAABLE clearance/application form and initial materials (e.g. proof of bachelor’s degree) are submitted.
  • $2,450.00 following review of the application and admission to the EAABLE program.
  • $2,450.00 on receipt of a progress report from the EA supervisor (normally provided at the mid-point of portfolio development).
  • $2,450.00 when the portfolio is ready for assessment.

Candidates are responsible for all other expenses including those associated with:

  • Providing proof of qualifications.
  • Completion of all prerequisite, testing, and program requirements.
  • Data gathering and submission of portfolio materials.
  • Charges for extra support by EA faculty or additional visits by the EA supervisor or assessor if required.

Notes: Payments are nonrefundable. The EA charge for the EAABLE program is subject to change for new candidates.


Candidates demonstrate, through a school based process, that they meet the standards for a Wisconsin teaching license by:

  • Successfully completing all prerequisite and assessment requirements.
  • Compiling and submitting a portfolio of evidence of their knowledge, abilities, and dispositions as a classroom teacher.
  • Passing an assessment of their portfolio and direct observation and assessment of their teaching.

The portfolio development and candidate assessment process includes the following steps:

Prior to Enrolling
  • Prospective candidate selects the desired license, reviews requirements and expectations outlined on all EAABLE www pages, and determines whether to proceed.
  • Prospective candidate initiates creation of a professional development plan for completing requirements for the desired Wisconsin subject licensure.
  • Prospective candidate completes and submits the EAABLE prerequisite clearance/application form along with initial materials and application fee.
  • EAABLE director or colleagues:
    • Review the application and plan.
    • Conduct an on-line or on-site interview with the applicant.
    • Assure support from the candidate’s school administration.
    • Determine that pre-requisite requirements are/will be met and that the candidate has potential to achieve licensure, and decide to either:
      • Approve admission to the EAABLE program.
      • Describe qualifications that must be demonstrated prior to admission and approve admission if requirements are fulfilled.
      • Reject the candidate's application.
  • When admission to the EAABLE program is approved the candidate submits the second installment of the program fee to EA.
Upon Entry
  • EA confirms the school-based mentor/observer who will assist the candidate and make and report accurate judgments about the effectiveness of the candidate's teaching throughout the portfolio development process.
  • EA assigns an EA supervisor to support work of the school-based mentor/observer and candidate.
  • Candidate completes the Teacher Self-Assessment - USA form, shares with mentors, sets goals, and includes their portfolio preparation strategy in their professional development plan.
  • Candidate accesses resources to develop understandings and abilities related to WI statutory requirements and InTASC teaching standards and collects evidence for the portfolio.
  • Candidate passes any additional required assessments, edTPA, and completes statute/administrative rule requirements.
  • At approximately the mid-point of the portfolio development process, the third installment of the program fee is submitted to EA.
  • The EA supervisor or other EA colleague will, where feasible, travel to the candidate's school to validate information, or virtually observe teaching, and provide guidance for completion of the portfolio.
  • Candidate finalizes their portfolio providing evidence of their understandings, abilities, and performance in line with InTASC standards for their level of experience.
  • Candidate revisits their Teacher Self-Assessment - USA form, reflects on progress, and shares current perspectives on their professional abilities with mentors.
Ready for Assessment
  • When the school administrator, school-based mentor/observer, EA advisor/mentor, and candidate agree that the portfolio is ready for assessment the fourth installment of the program fee is submitted to EA.
  • The portfolio is then forwarded to an EA internal verifier for review prior to being sent to the EA subject specialist assessor in the field of the license sought.
  • The assessor reviews the portfolio, and arranges an on-line, or where feasible, on-site visit to confirm the validity and accuracy of the portfolio, observe the candidate teaching, and determine whether the candidate should be recommended for Wisconsin licensure.
Recommendation for Wisconsin Licensure or Reevaluation
  • Successful candidates apply for Wisconsin licensure.
  • If the candidate is not recommended for licensure, the EA supervisor and candidate agree any further steps to resolve issues raised by the assessor and submission of requested evidence.

Note: No assurance is offered, and no presumption should be made, that a candidate who has been admitted to this EAABLE program will satisfy requirements and be granted a Wisconsin teaching license.


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